The Senators Have a New Captain, Already the Tenth in a Row

For months, discussions lasted about who would be the next to wear the Senators’ captain’s armband. Now we can already say that Brady Tkachuk will officially become the tenth captain of the team.
For those who follow the career of this athlete, as well as the performance of the entire team as a whole, this should not be big news. Tkachuk has established himself as an amazing player who inspires the whole team. For three full NHL seasons, he has been in the spotlight and is now recognized for his merits.

To date, Tkachuk has managed to score 129 points in his 205 games. At the same time, the age of the athlete is only 22 years old, which means that the peak of his career is just ahead. Thus, it is Tkachuk who is the best striker on the Senators’ team.
It can be stated that the team loves him, and this is not just that. The athlete combines tremendous physical strength, excellent playing technique, and the ability to inspire colleagues in any situation. This combination is a formidable weapon against any opponent, which the Senators clearly want to use.


Source: SI The Hockey News