Hockey betting as a way to get profit

All around the world you may find fans and it’s not unreasonable. The game is just infatuating. Let’s puzzle out what are its basics and what we should mention before placing a hockey bet.

The National Hockey League (NHL): definition

The North American Ice Hockey League (NHL) is among the Major Leagues with not only the best franchises but also the highest paid managers in the world. The pandemic-affected its last season, which can be remembered for its atypical playoffs.
Gambling on hockey is much more common than it may seem at first glance.

The main types of hockey stakes

The most common bets are placed on:

  • winning or losing team;
  • winner of the period.
  • number of goals.
  • Also we can find:
  • combined bets;
  • live bets.

Tips for betting on hockey

First of all, mention that hockey is a competition with a large number of games between regular season and playoffs.
The NHL stands out for its great rivalry and equality, that’s why it is one of the best leagues in the world. The option of draws, overtime and close wins is a “must have” in your betting. Let’s study the its basics:

  • the way the game is usually played;
    Two teams face each other with the goal of putting the puck into the opponent’s goal as many times as possible, preventing the opposing team from scoring a goal. The puck is directed with an L-shaped stick.
    For a player’s performance rankings, one point is added per goal scored or per assist. The whole number of goals plus assists equals the total number of points earned by the player. By the way, the best player of the season is usually awarded.
  • the timeline of the game;
    A match lasts 60 minutes and consists of three 20-minute periods with 15 minutes of rest between them and in each period the team can call a time-out of 30 seconds.
    If at the end of the period the game ends in a tie, there will be 5 extra minutes and the first to score a goal will be proclaimed the winner, regardless of the previous score. Time only runs when the puck is in motion.
  • the layout of the rink;
    Its shape is rectangular with rounded corners used to prevent the puck from stopping. It is divided into three parts: defensive zone, neutral zone (center of the field) and attacking zone.
  • the number of participants;
    Each team consists of 20 players, who rotate throughout the game. Only 6 players play on the rink. Goalkeeper, two defenders, center or forward and two wingers or attackers. There is no limit to the number of changes and they can be made when play stops or on the fly while the puck is on the ground.
  • the refereeing of the game;
    NHL matches are supervised by two referees and two linesmen. The referees are in charge of overseeing the game, calling both infractions and goals.
    hockey infractions and penalties. An infraction is considered to be an illegal game, which does not carry a penalty, offside and icing (when a player behind the centerline of the rink shoots the puck but it does not go into the goal) are meant.
    A penalty occurs when it is intended to benefit the team that has suffered an infraction or penalty. There are only two types: faceoff and penalty shot.
    And finally, a penalty is a totally illegal but that carries penalties for the player, for instance, expulsion.

Striking the balance: what are the clues of hockey betting?

To succeed here you have to follow the only one rule: always study and analyze. Described game’s features will help you to dig into hockey, thus choose the best bookmaker’s offer. Don’t worry and place a bet.