Marian Gaborik's NHL Career is Officially Over

Marian Gaborik is one of the best hockey players in modern sports. However, this athlete from Slovakia decided to end his 17-year career.

On November 4, the athlete announced that he decided to end his participation in professional sports. This came as a big blow to his fans as Gaborik’s track record is truly impressive. During his 17 years of playing in the NHL, the athlete took part in more than a thousand matches and also scored an amazing 815 points! Thus, he has become one of the most successful ice hockey players in recent years.

During his career, he managed to play in several clubs, which, thanks to his talent, achieved unprecedented results. As early as 20 years old, in the Minnesota Wild, he earned 17 points in 18 games and led the team to the final of the Western Conference. After that, Gaborik moved to the New York Rangers, where he also helped the team reach the Conference Finals, earning 11 points in 18 games. And finally, a transfer to the Los Angeles Kings, thanks to which the team earned their second cup in history.

So Gaborik is an excellent hockey player who will be missed by the world of professional sports. His career has been truly amazing!


Source: SI The Hockey News