2019 WMH Indoor World Cup 7 – 11 February

The first ever tournament under the banner of the WMH will be hosted by Hong Kong at the world famous Hong Kong Football Club facilities and other similar sites close by. More details and contact points will follow shortly.

Spanish Flag   2018 World Cup Terrassa 27 July – 5 August

Our Spanish and Catalan hosts are working closely with the IMHA Board in the planning and preparation for what will be the largest and last ever IMHA tournament, with over 100 teams already registered. The cut-off date for registration is fast approaching so please access the tournament website if you want to be participate at:

Netherlands Flag   2017 European Cup Tilburg 11 – 19 August

This IMHA tournament comprised 63 teams and was a huge success. The competition was  fierce on the pitch, but the usual camaraderie off the park was as enjoyable as ever. Click here for Results.  Tournament Website:

  Flag_of_Germany 2017 Indoor World Cup, Krefeld 2 – 5 February

The first ever Masters Indoor World Cup was held in Krefeld, Deutindoor-world-cupschland for Men and Women’s teams at the 40+ and 50+ age groups. New countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Denmark joined the IMHA to take part in this event. The high quality of the hockey and the exciting matches were a revelation given the age groups. Click here for Results.


 argentinan-flag 2016 Campeonato Americano, Buenos Aires 29 November – 3 December

The very first Panam Masters tournament was held in Buenos Aires for men and women from 35 years and upwards. Paraguay, Uruguay and a number of regional Masters Hockey teams from Argentina competed against each other over 4 days. The tournament was so successful that planning has begun for another tournament at the end of 2017. More information to follow.

Australia Flag   2016 World Cup, Canberra 29 March – 9 April

Australia hosted the 2016 World Cup in Canberra and this proved to be a very successful event even though the travel costs and its timing reduced the number of teams taking part. Despite tCanberra logohis, the tournament set new records by including teams from the 35+ age group for the very first time.

England Flag   2015 European Cup, London 21-29 August

England Hockey hosted the Senior, Masters and Grand Masters European Championships in and around London. The IMHA members were split across two sites: the Ladies played at Old Loughtonians near Chigwell and the Men played at St Albans Hockey Club. Despite the distance between the two facilities spectators were treated to high quality hockey and enjoyed the fantastic atmospheres which were generated. The weather was rather wet for several of the days but the rain was not allowed to dampen the enthusiasm of all those involved.

  Netherlands Flag  2014 World Cup, Rotterdam 5-13 June 


The biggest single Hockey World Cup event up to that time with 72 teams participating on the 7 pitches at H.C. Rotterdam’s impressive hockey stadium. It was a hugely successful tournament and played its part in the success of the first ever combination of 3 world cups (IMHA, FIH & WGMA) organised in one country at the same time. The FIH and WGMA tournaments were held close by in Den Haag. Click here for Results.

St_Patrick's_saltire.svg  2013 European Cup, Lisnagarvey 13-18 August

This major tournament was hosted by Ireland at the prestigious Lisnagarvey Hockey Club in Hillsborough, near Lisburn in Co. Down. Such tournaments were deemed as ‘Open’ to facilitate the participation of non-European teams. Men’s teams participated at 40+, 45+, 50+ and 55+ levels. Ladies teams included 40+, 45+ and 50+. 

England Flag  2012 World Cup Canterbuy 13-24 August

The first ever IMHA World Cup attracted over 50 teams from all over the world and the sun shone very brightly on this very special occasion. Despite the high temperatures, the standard of hockey was remarkably high and new member nations sparkled on the field of play. The setting in the ancient city surrounded by the beautiful rolling Kent countryside made it a tournament to remember. 

Singapore Flag  2011 Singapore IMHT 25 October – 4 November

This tournament brought together players from a wide range of countries. The participants enjoyed the challenges set them by the climate. The warmth of the welcome and the charm of the hosts made up for the delays caused by frequent thunderstorms and the strength-sapping effects of the very high levels of humidity. The finals for each age group were of very high quality and the atmosphere created by the players and supporters was something special. 

Singapore Classic Results     Singapore Classic Final Standings

Flag_of_Germany  2011 European Masters, Krefeld 18-20 August

This was the first time for a mainly European Masters competition and the event was well supported by the British Isles teams and visitors from Australia.

 2009 Hong Kong IMHT 7 July – 5 August

This was the first ever IMHA tournament, which was held at the prestigious Hong Kong Football Club facilities and attracted teams from all over the world. The standard of hockey was very high considering the humidity levels experienced and the memorable social events will not be quickly forgotten.

England Flag 2007 Birmingham / Nottingham  11 -16 July

Men’s teams from England, Scotland, Australia, Wales and Malaysia competed on the Birmingham University hockey fields in what was to be the last tournament run under the auspices of the Pacific Rim countries. 

Women’s teams from England, Scotland and Australia competed in the Women’s 45+ Masters Champions Cup which ran concurrently with the FIH Women’s Champions Trophy  in Nottingham. The tournament was played on a pitch located immediately adjacent to the main FIH event. The final was played on the main FIH pitch on Friday 16 July and was included in the FIH event’s ticket price. This was the first time that there had been a direct link up between an FIH and a Masters event. This was the start of a joint initiative which would lead to the Netherlands hosting the World Cup Tournaments for the Senior, IMHA and WGMA in June 2014 and England hosting the European Championships in August 2015. 


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