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2019 European Championships (50+ & 55+)

Germany will host this tournament from 8th – 17th August 2019 in Krefeld. More details will follow. The location and dates of the tournament for the younger age groups will be announced shortly.

2019 WMH Indoor World Cup (Hong Kong):

Team lists are being drawn up and the match scheduling will begin shortly.  Ensure your team is fully registered so as not to miss out on this important event 14th – 17th February.  This is open to all age groups from 35+ – 60+. Click the ‘Tournaments’ page to see the ‘Flyer’ advertising the event. Don’t miss out. 


Mouth Injury Research

This project is on-going and the IMHA are delighted to continue the partnership with the Dutch  research team. The project still needs data from all over the world. Please help them to help us look after our teeth & gums playing the game we love. The results could impact upon the quality of future hockey equipment. Spread the word………..

Click on ‘SHOT Appeal Letter’ for background information. Click on ‘SHOT Survey’  or use your phone scanner on the QR Code to directly access the questionnaire.

SHOT Appeal Letter    –      SHOT Survey


Tournament News!

Click on the ‘Tournaments’ option on our website menus to learn about future & past tournaments. IMHA to run 2019 Continental Championships in Asia, Africa/Middle-East, Europe & Pan-America.  The European Cup will be split into 2 groups – 35+, 40+ & 45+ at one venue and 50+ & 55+ at another. Click here to read about the debate and reasoning behind this change.


World Masters Hockey (WMH) 

Click ‘WMH’ on this website’s menus for updates on the setting up of the WMH which will replace the IMHA and WGMA in 2019. 

The 2018 IMHA Congress overwhelmingly supported the set up timescales for the WMH and the dissolution of the IMHA when the WMH becomes operationally viable. The balance of IMHA funds at that time will be transferred into the WMH accounts. 


   2018 IMHA World Cup 

The world’s largest ever International Masters Hockey World Cup took place in Terrassa, near Barcelona from 27th July – 5th August. Not only was it huge in size, it raised the bar in terms of the standard of hockey on display.



The International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA) was formed in 2007 to administer and to promote international field hockey for men and women for 35 years of age and over.


Originally, countries around the Pacific Rim held fledgling Masters tournaments, but as European nations embraced the concept, it was realised that a global organisation was needed.


 In 2008 the IMHA was formally recognised by the Federation International de Hockey (FIH) as the official body for Masters Hockey age groups from 35+.


The main aim of the IMHA is to promote and develop international tournaments for Masters Hockey players of all hockey nations, not only for elite players selected for their country, but also for those who want to compete against Masters players of a similar standard from other countries.

From a starting point of a few teams from the original five Pacific Rim countries, the number of teams competing in IMHA tournaments has grown to over 120.

When IMHA tournaments take place close to venues for major events on the FIH Calendar, IMHA players can play in their own competitions and then watch world class hockey.

In 2014 the IMHA became a limited company registered in Scotland in the UK.