World Masters Hockey (WMH)

WMH Interim Executive Board Members & Responsibilities:

Sue Briggs (General Secretary – Australia),  Sean Curran (Chair -Ireland),   Ishbel Dickens (Secretary – USA), 

David Ferguson (Treasurer – Wales),   Wim van Noortwijk (Liaison Officer:  NAs & recognised Masters Hockey Organisers – Netherlands),   

Glenn Paton (Commercial & IT Director – Scotland),   Adrian Stephenson (Liaison Officer:  2020 World Cup in Japan – England).

The development of the setting up of the WMH has accelerated following a number of positive meetings between officials of the IMHA and WGMA. 

The WMH was incorporated on 24th October 2018 as a company limited by guarantee. The WMH has 7 registered Board members with  representation of both the IMHA and the WGMA. 

The the first WMH General Assembly is to be held at the re-vamped Wagener Stadion in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam on 2nd August 2019.  We thank the Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) for allowing us to use this modern facility to help us celebrate the birth of  the unified organisation. Members will be able to voice their opinions and delegates will be able to vote on the Interim Board’s plans for the WMH and the 2020 WMH Congress.  There is sufficient seating for the  number of delegates who are likely to attend the GA in person.

The 2018 IMHA Congress overwhelmingly supported the set up timescales for the WMH and the dissolution of the IMHA when the WMH becomes operationally viable. The balance of IMHA funds at that time will be transferred into the WMH accounts. 

The memberships of both organisations approved the setting up of the WMH at the Extra-ordinary General Meetings (EGM) of the IMHA in Tilburg and the WGMA in Glasgow and Barcelona. 

A Memorandum of Understanding between the WMH and FIH has been agreed and WMH is recognised as the only Masters Hockey organisation which has the authority to arrange international Masters Hockey events around the world.

The 2018 IMHA Congress in Terrassa approved the dissolution of the IMHA following the WMH General Assembly in August 2019 and agreed that the balance of IMHA funds at that time should be transferred to WMH accounts.

The future of the WMH looks promising and while there is still a lot of work to be done. Next meeting is at the KNHB headquarters on 5th March 2019.

Important Papers: