World Masters Hockey (WMH)

This is the new single Masters Hockey entity to replace the IMHA and WGMA from 2018 . There have been many meetings over the last few years between officers of the FIH, the IMHA and WGMA and much planning and preparation has gone into developing this project to its present point.

The very good news is that the memberships of both organisations voted to accept the setting up of this fledgling company at the Extra-ordinary General Meetings (EGM) of both organisations in August.  The IMHA EGM ws held in Tilburg and the WGMA EGM was held in Glasgow. The focus is now upon organising and creating a sustainable structure which will enable the WMH to take responsibility for organising and sanctioning all Masters Hockey, anywhere in the world, from the age of 35 upwards.

The future of the WMH looks promising and although there is still a lot of work to be done, the success of this evolutionary step will be reflected in the quality of play and the quality of the organisation of future tournaments for all Masters Hockey players – Masters and Grand Masters alike.


The links below will enable you to access the briefing notes, planned development timescales and the forms which you can use to apply to join the working parties which will design the final organisational structure and event/tournament format. If you have an open mind, have some experience of managing hockey organisations and are keen to make a difference, please return a completed form by the 10th September 2017. This is not a job for people looking to add something which will make their CV look better, this is for motivated individuals who care about our sport and want to have a positive impact upon the future of Masters Hockey.



WMH Committee Terms of Reference 25Jul17

Summary Report to Members of IMHA and WGMA July 2017

Interim Working Group Nominee Information Form

Interim Working Group Nomination Process


Promoting international level field hockey for men and women of 35 to 60 years of age