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  1. Hello,
    I believe that the womens 60s event has been stopped due to lack of countries entering. Can you confirm this and has there been any suggestions of playing a limited tournament?

    1. Ah, now I see that you are referring to the Indoor World Cup. Yes, it is correct that the women’s 60+ did not have enough entrants to run a viable tournament for that age group. The teams were offered the chance to play in the 55+ group as has happened with the men. As far as I am aware a couple of the women’s teams are following that lead. Sorry for initial confusion. I had assumed that the request referred to outdoor tournaments.

  2. HI, will the tournament be shown online some where.

    would be good if our families can watch from respective countries and enjoy from home.

    1. Hi,
      Some of the matches were streamed by the hosts so I will try to find out where these were saved for viewing and post the details in our latest news section.
      G Paton

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