Sponsor Masters Hockey


This scheme was devised to enable the IMHA to:
  • Enhance social and media impact of its events.
  • Invite teams from countries that are unable to fund participation in IMHA tournaments.
  • Lower the cost of tournament fees.
  • Develop Inter-generational Hockey to raise the profile of Masters Hockey in the minds of the youngest hockey players and demonstrate to the world how valuable Masters players are for the future of the sport.
Teams which attract 10 sponsors will:
  • Enjoy the benefits highlighted above;
  • Enable Masters Hockey players from countries with very low incomes to participate in our tournaments,
  • Enjoy international exposure of all their matches online
  • Receive free personal licences on all medium resolution photos of their team.

IMHA has asked ICNIA to collect the funds on its behalf. This saves the costs of maintaining a payment infrastructure and will reduce expenses. The collection will be controlled and audited by the IMHA.

After payments have been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with a request for a copy of the Sponsor’s company logo so that ICNIA can process the image for use during tournament broadcasts.

Click here for the details.

This link will download a PDF file with all the details for both Sponsors and Teams. It also contains a link to the payment process system.

Click Masters Hockey Sponsorship to see what it looks like.