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2020 WMH World Cups      Hosts & Dates


World Masters Hockey (WMH) 

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The first WMH General Assembly (GA) will be held at the Wagener Stadion, Amstelveen in the Netherlands on 2nd August 2019. At this event, the first Executive Board will be elected by delegates.


2019 European Championships (35+ 40+  45+) 22nd- 27th July HC Rotterdam

Play commences in the morning of 22nd July and the finals will be on 27th July. The opening ceremony will take place on Saturday 21st and the closing ceremony will take place after the medal ceremony on the evening of 27th July.

Match Schedule for Rotterdam

Contact: info@fieldhockeytravel.com

An unknown team has paid €850 to HC Rotterdam but not registered the team with IMHA. Please email us about your team and provide some details.

H.C. Rotterdam will also update event information on  www.http://www.ecmastersrotterdam2019.nl

2019 European Championships (50+ & 55+) 8th – 17th August HCTC Crefeld

Play commences on 8th August and the finals will be on 17th August. The opening  ceremony will precede the first matches and and the closing ceremony will follow the medal ceremonies after the finals.

Krefeld Officials can arrange accommodation with the Mercure Hotel in Kaarst (20 mins from Krefeld) quoting ‘Officials Masters EM’. This is only for match officials and the technical team.

Match Schedule for Krefeld


The International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA) was formed in 2007 to administer and to promote international field hockey for men and women for 35 years of age and over.


Originally, countries around the Pacific Rim held fledgling Masters tournaments, but as European nations embraced the concept, it was realised that a global organisation was needed.


 In 2008 the IMHA was formally recognised by the Federation International de Hockey (FIH) as the official body for Masters Hockey age groups from 35+.


The main aim of the IMHA is to promote and develop international tournaments for Masters Hockey players of all hockey nations, not only for elite players selected for their country, but also for those who want to compete against Masters players of a similar standard from other countries.

From a starting point of a few teams from the original five Pacific Rim countries, the number of teams competing in IMHA tournaments has grown to over 120.

When IMHA tournaments take place close to venues for major events on the FIH Calendar, IMHA players can play in their own competitions and then watch world class hockey.

In 2014 the IMHA became a limited company registered in Scotland in the UK.