Board of Directors

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The IMHA Board of Directors comprises an Executive Committee and the main Board.

The Executive Committee, comprising the President, the Honorary Secretary, the Treasurer and Technical Director, is responsible for making most of the decisions with regard to the day to day running of the organisation.

The Board of Directors ‘meet’ at least 4 times per year on-line using Skype. The members agree upon items for the Agenda in advance and the minutes are circulated and amended shortly after each Board Meeting. Given the wide range of time zones involved, it usually requires some members to interrupt their normal sleeping patterns to attend these meetings. The attention to detail and professional contributions of all members of the Board has ensured that the organisation has made good progress since the 2014 Congress in Rotterdam. 

Decisions made by the Board are arrived at through democratic process and although the President has the casting vote when there is no overall majority, the present and past Presidents have never been called upon to exercise that power. 

The use of Skype may seem strange given that it can lead to 2- 4 online meetings over a weekend, but face to face meetings would involve very expensive flights and accommodation costs for the members from distant continents. The IMHA annual fees would have to be increased quite significantly to cover these costs. 

Board Members are elected for 2 years at an IMHA Congress. They must be nominated and seconded by two registered national representatives before being eligible to stand for election.

Continental Representatives (CRs) are volunteer members who advise the Board about Masters Hockey development in their areas.  They are not actually members of the Board but are tasked with improving communications between Masters groups, National Associations and Continental Federations on their continent.