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    1. I am not sure as to whom this question is aimed and exactly what you are asking. I will try to answer what I think you are asking. The Board members of the IMHA are elected by due process at IMHA Congresses. Candidates’ names are put forward 3 weeks in advance of a Congress. These candidates must have a proposer and a seconder from delegates of 2 different affiliated member countries. Then at the Congress, delegates will vote for their preferred candidates. India is not a member of the IMHA and so cannot take part in the election. Of the 4 countries in that general region, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have made real commitments to being members of the IMHA and participating in our tournaments, but Pakistan and India have not. The IMHA would be delighted if that were to change.

      1. I am Thomas W S Augustine, Chairman of the India International Masters Hockey Federation. We have decided to field two teams , one for the Masters and the second one for Grand Masters in the world cup 2020.
        So I can send my nomination for the board. Advice me how I should obtain membership for our federation with WMH and subsequently send my nomination for the board. Thanks for bringing this up early and I trust this will make a way for us to promote the Masters Hockey in India.
        Looking forward to working with you.
        Sincerely Yours,
        Thomas Augustine.

        1. Hi,
          The World Masters Hockey (WMH) takes over from the IMHA and WGMA from August 2019. The first General Assembly will be in Amstelveen in the Netherlands on the 2nd August. Letters have been sent out to all the National Associations of the world and the Masters Hockey organisations currently known to the IMHA and WGMA. These letters explain the plans for the WMH and how nominations will be made for places on the WMH Board. Invitations to register teams for the 2020 World Cups will be sent out soon.
          G Paton

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