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    1. Hi Ricardo,
      Membership of the IMHA is not open to individuals. A Masters team, with their National Hockey Association’s approval, can apply to join and if approved by the IMHA Board, all the Masters players selected for that team are automatically members. The current cost is £50 (GB Sterling) per team.

      Where do you live? Your country may already be members and so you can contact the Masters Hockey organisers at home.

      Glenn Paton
      IMHA President

  1. Dear sir ,
    I myself master hockey player mr mohammed faisal ahsan ullah representing our master hockey players association which name is VATRANS HOCKEY BANGLADESH ,wants to get the member
    your kind cooperation sand quick response regarding above is highly appreciated .

    1. Dear Mohammed,
      My apologies for this very late response to your contact. I must apologise profusely, but for some reason your message was not re-routed to our email server. The IMHA would be happy to provide details of how the Bangladesh Veterans Hockey organisation can become a member of the IMHA. Could I ask you to contact Sue Briggs, our General Secretary using the email imha.hub@gmail.com. I promise a very quick reply to that email. Please include information about the number of players and which age groups for which you have teams; e.g. 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+ or 55+.
      Sorry again for the lack of response.
      Glenn Paton

      1. Dear Mr president
        Thnks alot for your reply and andvice. No issue at all for being late reply. I will contuct with sue Briggs through email and get back to you.
        Thanks again
        Mohammed faisal ahsan ullah
        Secretary generel
        Veteran’s hockey bangladesh

  2. Dear Mr President,
    We are Masters National Hockey Association from Sri Lanka. We want to register our association with IMHA. We are participating 40 + category.
    We go as “ Sri Lanka Masters National Hockey Association “. Please Grant us the membership.

    Thanks & Regards
    Duncan Devendra

    1. Dear Duncan,
      You will receive an invoice for the 2018 membership fee of £50 per team in January 2018. The details of how to pay will be included. Meanwhile, if you have registered your team on the IMHA World Cup website, your team will be included in the match scheduling providing all the relevant fees are paid.

      Welcome to the IMHA.

      Glenn Paton

  3. Dear Mr President,
    We are from Sri Lankan masters women National hockey association , Masters National Hockey Association from Sri Lanka. We want to register our association with IMHA. We are participating 40 + category.
    Please Grant us the membership.
    Thanks & Regards
    Harshini Gunarathne

    1. Hi Oscar,
      Fill in the form and submit it to imha.hub@gmail.com. The membership is only open to Masters Hockey representatives in a country and it would be a good idea to get your National Association’s approval for this. It isn’t necessary but advisable. There are annual fees for each member and these are sent out annually.

    1. Hi,
      We have been trying to communicate using WhatsApp but not succeeding. At present no one has registered a Masters Hockey organisation from India although the IMHA has tried to contact the Indian Hockey Federation on several occasions without success. Any contacts have been Indian hockey players living in other countries.
      G Paton

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