Rules & Regulations

IMHA Code of Conduct (PDF)                                      

FIH Tournament Regulations – Oct 2015 (PDF)           FIH Indoor Tournament Regulations – Jan 2019 (PDF)

Amendments to FIH Tournament Regulations (PDF) [Player eligibility]

IMHA Tournament Appeals Procedures (W)

Memorandum & Articles of Association(PDF)

 Certificate of Incorporation of IMHA


Board Meetings

June 2018                                                  March 2018                                                  December 2017

October 2017                                          September 2017                                         May 2017

January 2017                                             July 2016                                                   December 2015

July 2015                                                    March 2015                                                   December 2014

September 2014


IMHA Congresses

2018 IMHA Congress                2017 IMHA EGM                  2016 IMHA Congress 

2014 IMHA Congress                2012 IMHA Congress             2009 IMHA Congress

 FIH Congresses  

2014 FIH Congress Masters Report

2014 FIH Congress – Joint IMHA/WGMA Presentation

2012 FIH Congress 


FIH Masters Panel Meetings

FIHMP Terms of Reference (PDF)                                        FIHMP Minutes June 2013  (PDF)

FIHMP Meeting Jun 2013 (PDF)                                      FIHMP Action List Jan 2014 (PDF)                                  

FIHMP Minutes May 2014 (PDF)                                    FIHMP Minutes Feb 2015 (PDF)



Board Member Nomination Forms

Nomination to the Board (W)                       Nomination to the Board (PDF)

Continental Representative (CR) Nomination Forms

Nomination for CR  (W)                                  Nomination for CR (PDF) 

  Notification of IMHA Congress Representative & Observer

Notification of Congress Delegate & Observer (W)

Notification of Congress Delegate & Observer (PDF)


Membership Form (W)                                    Membership Form (PDF)